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Christmas Greetings to All!

Christmas Greetings to All! What a privilege to be celebrating my 14th Christmas with the Church of Sacred Heart. Having gone through my 50’s and halfway through my 60’s I have been given many gifts over these years. The first gift was your passion for this parish. Your love exuded in so many ways when I first got here. It was and is incredible. Your gift of faith and tradition, now 120 years of age, is as new and as fresh as a spring rain. Your love of God’s Word is obvious and its proclamation here enriches all our parishioners and all those who have visited us. Your fond-ness for our educational old as the extraordinary considering all we sacrifice so our children and others in the community can have a good Catholic education and know the Lord a little better. Your generosity to the poor, the little and the least among us, is sincerely appreciated. Sacred Heart is a parish of causes. I say share when a sister or brother is in need and you are there as kindness overflows from a heart filled with love for all God ́s children. I am touched by your singing out and praising God...each Mass has its’ own particular flavor...but all Masses are filled with a spirit of reverence and worship. Your patience with this pastor has been remarkable. I am not always the easiest person to get along with and you all have been right there... encouraging, supporting, and reassuring me at every step of the way. Your embrace of the priests and seminarians over the years is remarkable. They may leave Sacred Heart for other places but Sacred Heart never leaves them. Each time I chat with one who has been here...they recall with fondness the amazingly open arms of Sacred Heart. All these gifts won ́t fit under a tree and you cannot wrap them but I can’t think of anything better to give the Christ child on his birthday than his Church at Sacred Heart. He is glorified in you and you are blessed in him.
Merry Christmas Sacred Heart!
With love, Fr. Ken


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