The Catholic Cemetery is a sacred place and consecrated ground. As a final resting place for members of our Sacred Heart families and their loved ones, our cemetery is at the service of God and his people as they rest for eternity until the Lord returns.

Plots to our cemetery may be purchased for $450.00 beginning Monday, November 3, after 10:00 a.m. at the Parish Office for active parishioners.

To reserve a burial place, 10% of the entire cost is needed with full payment required in a year.

If you have an immediate family member who is not registered at Sacred Heart, the cost is $550.00. Only when full payment is received, are the burial places considered “purchased.” No burial place is “guaranteed,” nor is burial permitted until payment has been made in full. Burial plots can be purchased through the month of November. Following that, plots can only be purchased when a death occurs or in November.